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Bachmann 31-431 Midland Class 1F 41661 BR Black Early Emblem
Bachmann 31-432 Midland Class 1F 41708 BR Black Late Crest
Both of these 1Fs now in stock, but as there will not be any more this year, get yours now to avoid disappointment.





Hornby RailRoad LNER 2-8-2 'Cock O' The North' P2 Class - R3171 - arrived today, 27th August, better late than never!



All our Bachmann Class 101s in BR Blue are now sold, but we have today, 30th July 2014, received stock of Class 101s in Blue/Grey livery, and both the 101s in Green - one with small yellow ends and the other with speed whiskers.
32-285 Class 101 2 Car DMU BR Green with Speed Whiskers
32-286 Class 101 2 Car DMU BR Green with Yellow Warning Panel
32-287 Class 101 2 Car DMU BR Blue/Grey




Bachmann Porthole Coaches now in stock - our price £35.95 each
39-450 LMS 57 ft Porthole Corridor 3rd BR Crimson & Cream
39-455 LMS 57 ft Porthole Corridor 1st BR Crimson & Cream
39-465 LMS 60 ft Porthole Corridor Composite BR Crimson & Cream
39-475 LMS 60 ft Porthole Open Vestibule 1st BR Crimson & Cream




We will be stocking models from DJModels in the near future.
Why not take a peek at what will be on offer,
and let us know which locos you'd be interested in.


Still in stock:

Bachmann 32-480DS Class 40 D211 'Mauretania' BR Green Indicator discs DCC Sound £208


Midland 20T Brake Vans - new in from Bachmann

38-550 Midland 20T Brake Van BR Grey (with Duckets) RRP 14.90 Our Price £13.40

38-551 Midland 20T Brake Van BR Grey (without Duckets) Our Price £13.40

38-552 Midland 20T Brake Van LMS Grey (with Duckets) Our Price £13.40

38-553 Midland Brake Van LMS Bauxite (without Duckets) Our Price £13.40


The first of the Bachmann J11s in stock now 22/1/14

31-319 Robinson Class J11 (GCR 9J) 64311 BR Black Early Emblem £ 76.45


Farish Fairburn Tanks delivered today:

372-750 Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank 2691 LMS Black £84.99

372-751 Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank 42096 BR Black Early Emblem £84.99

372-752 Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank 42073 BR Black Late Crest £ 84.99

372-753 Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank 42267 BR Black Late Crest Weathered £93.45


First Delivery of 2014 from Bachmann 15/01/14

32-475DC Class 40 40129 BR Blue Split Head Code Boxes (DCC on board)

31-085 3200 Class (Duke Dog) 9022 4-4-0 BR Black Early Emblem - Weathered

31-086 3200 Class (Duke Dog) 9017 4-4-0 BR Black Early Emblem (Preserved)

31-087DC 3200 Class (Duke Dog) 9003 4-4-0 GWR Green (DCC on board)


More New Products from Bachmann

32-115A Class 08 08021 BR Blue with Wasp Stripes
32-734 Class 66 00101 DB Schenker Weathered
38-500 Covhop Wagon BR Bauxite


New Arrivals from Bachmann

31-165 L&YR 2-4-2 Tank 10695 LMS Black
31-166 L&YR 2-4-2 Tank 50636 BR Lined Black Early Emblem
31-167DC L&YR 2-4-2 Tank 50795 BR Lined Black E/Emblem-Weathered (without smoke box rivets)

38-425 Bulk Grain Bogie Hopper Wagon 'Traffic Services' Weathered
38-426 Bulk Grain Bogie Hopper Wagon 'Polybulk'
38-427 Bulk Grain Bogie Hopper Wagon 'Traffic Services Limited'

Flight of the Mallard Train Set from Hornby

We have received further stock of these very popular sets this week

Ok, this is not really shop news, but none-the-less, it is important news for us here in Hull -

Hull has been proclaimed the UK's next City of Culture, beating Leicester, Dundee and Swansea Bay to the right to hold the title in 2017.



Two variations of this loco (one plain green and one in GWR livery) have arrived in the shop as scheduled today, 8th November ...

very nice they are too ... they run beautifully and we are selling them at £225, so why not treat yourself for Christmas.


New Product from Bachmann

31-995 LMS 10000 BR Brunswick Green, Lined Orange & Black (arrived 07/11/13)

31-996 LMS 10000 BR Brunswick Green, Part Eggshell Blue Waistband (arrived 07/11/13)

31-997 LMS 10001 BR Brunswick Green, Blue Waistband and Yellow Panels (arrived 20/11/13)

Our price £97.99



370-260EB Eastern Freight Set, consisting of BR 0-6-0 J39 (late crest), Bogie Bolster wagon with load, BR Brake Van, Oval of Track,Controller and Transformer, our price £94.99

372-401 J39 64960 BR Black Early Emblem Flat Sided Tender, our price £73.99

372-402 J39 64791 BR Black Late Crest Stepped Tender, our price £73.99


We have a few of the new Heljan Class 16s (OO-Gauge) still available – but stock is getting low.


We do occasionally list interesting items of USED model railway equipment on eBay – you can view these at the link below:


If you are interested in any of the items shown on this page, please contact us to make sure that they are still available before making the journey to the shop.



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